Autumn and Winter 2016 Fragrances (Mens)

(Mens) Autumn and Winter 2016 Fragrances

It’s getting very, very close to Christmas now and many of us still haven’t got all our gifts ready (me included)!

Perfumes and aftershaves are usually a pretty standard gift. As a mid-20’s male, I’ve had my fair share of Axe and Adidas shower gel and deodorant combos, aftershave/cologne multipacks and in recent years, bottles of Black XS and Diesel – Only the Brave ‘Tattoo’. You know…the fragrances that have had adverts on TV.

Now I’m not about to tear into fragrance adverts on TV, that’s for another time…*mutters something about not being able to smell it on a television screen, which means we’re just looking at half naked, attractive people, moving slowly. All while a slowed down version of a popular song is playing in the background, then someone whispers the name of the product at the end*..but anyway.

I was quite lucky in the sense that I actually liked the fragrances I received. But sometimes, people just get it wrong. Not necessarily because the recipient dislikes the fragrances, but because it’s just the wrong time to buy it. Different fragrances work better in different seasons… allow me to explain.

The way the fashion and fragrance industries work is a little different to regular retail, in the sense that everything usually runs in two season cycles. Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. It’s usually unlikely that something which was popular in the warmer months, will continue to be popular when it’s time to don the hat and scarf combo.

If you’re looking to buy a mens fragrance for someone at Christmas (or possibly for yourself in the January Sales), allow me to clue you in on the scents that are looking to be popular for the next few months.

Arguably, the biggest, most popular fragrances are looking to contain citrus and natural/woody notes. A few examples include Spicebomb by Viktor&Rolf, Artisan by John Varvatos, and Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford (but at around £200 for 100ml, that’s a little steep for me) and our very own Locked.

Starting with Spicebomb – The fragrance notes read as follows:

Top Notes: Bergamot and Grapefruit
Middle Notes: Elemi and Pink Pepper
Base: Leather, Tobacco, Vetiver

Spicebomb gives the wearer an immediate citrus hit with the bergamot and grapefruit. Leading into a more natural, spiced scent with the elemi and pink pepper. Finally following up with a long lasting musky tobacco and vetiver combo.

Artisan –

Top Notes: Sicilian Clementine, Tangelo, Mandarin, Tyme, Marjoram, Lavender
Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Indian Murraya
Base: Orange Jasmine, Ginger Kephalis, Georgywood

Artisan is looking to be a bit more of a complex fragrance. With high notes including powerful hitters like clementine, mandarin and lavender, Artisan starts off almost oriental with the citrus and floral combos. Moving to a slightly more subtle orange blossom, the fragrance almost feels like it takes a back seat until the base notes are able to kick in, with strong citrus and woody notes.

Neroli Portofino –

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Sicilian Lemon
Middle Notes: Neroli, Orange Flower, Lavender
Base: Amber, Rosemary

This Tom Ford scent follows a similar trend with the citrus, but opts to move into more sweet tones, rather than the more typical woody scents. Starting off with citrus top notes, a citrus and floral middle, then ending with a sweet, almost oriental scent. By ending with amber as a base note, the wearer (and others close by) are left with a lasting aroma of what as been described as a ‘warm, sweet, hardened honey’ style fragrance.

Locked for Him –

Top Notes: Mandarin and juniper. Bergamot and grapefruit.
Middle Notes: Rosemary, pepper and rosewood.
Base: Muck Incense, Oak and Moss

Keeping with the trends, the initial citrus burst instantly refreshes the wearer. As the night goes on, the fragrance begins to fade into a natural, woody scent. Can’t go wrong with this one!

For more information on Notes and what they mean, have a quick read through ‘What Do Notes Mean?’ on the blog page.
Keep your eyes peeled for a post on Womens AW16 fragrances, being posted on Thursday!

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